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IT project financingVandelay Enterprises understands that growing businesses need new or upgraded IT infrastructure but development costs are sometimes prohibitive in taking these initiatives. Almost all software developers require a cash purchase of the software they develop, which means that the project is a big expense far before your return on investment is realized. Financing enables your company to conserve working capital and use the money you have saved for funding other projects and initiatives to help your company grow further. VE offers our clients financing options on certain qualifying projects which can be arranged to best accommodate your unique business situation.

Our financing:

  • Saves you money. Although your business may have the available capital for this project now, tax benefits and lost interest over the term of financing means that your total cost of ownership can be up to 50% more for a cash purchase! Use our handy online financing calculator to see how you can save with our financing program.
  • Does not disrupt your cash flow. Development costs for a project disrupts your company's cash flow. Financing enables you to spread the cost out over a longer period of time, which makes for easier budgeting.
  • Is flexible. We offer payment streams and purchase options that best suit your needs. Our finance experts will tailor a solution to fit your situation.
  • Gives you more purchasing power. Most companies have a limited budget for start-up. With financing, you can get everything you want now, not just what you can afford.
  • Preserves your credit. Because you are using a third-party leasing company, you are effectively opening new credit lines which will preserve your existing and future bank borrowing ability.

Contact us today to find out if your IT project qualifies and we can arrange an instant quote for you.

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